Independent kitchen designers

Why every kitchen retailer should hire an independent kitchen designer

Independent kitchen designer

If you’re a kitchen retailer who battles to meet customer demand for quality kitchen designs, hiring an independent kitchen designer could be the flexible, cost-effective solution you need.
By sub-contracting your kitchen design work to an independent kitchen design service, you’ll benefit from a professional designer’s experience without the hassle or expense of recruiting a permanent member of staff. So you’ll reap the rewards straight away by saving heaps of time and money.

What is an independent kitchen designer?

An independent kitchen designer is a skilled freelance designer who works on an ad hoc basis, usually remotely, to provide a quality design service.

At Newly Designed, we specialise in creating designs for customers of independent kitchen showrooms but some independent kitchen designers work directly with clients to plan the kitchen of their dreams.

Independent kitchen designer

Why hire an independent kitchen designer?

Here are our top six reasons why hiring an independent kitchen designer makes sense for your kitchen retail business.

1. Experienced

When you work with an independent kitchen designer you’ll get your design project delivered to a high standard by an industry professional.
Our kitchen designers Hannah and Stephen Heavens have 15 years of combined experience in creating high-quality kitchen renders for independent kitchen retailers across the UK to all requirements and budgets.
As former kitchen showroom owners, our designers understand how to work with retailers and homeowners and are always on hand to share their expertise and advice.
Our designs are practical, functional and beautiful so they’ll work perfectly in your customer’s space.
All you need to do is provide a brief or floor plan and your design will be ready whenever you need it to help your customers visualise and achieve their perfect kitchen.

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2. Flexible

One of the frustrations of being an independent kitchen retailer can be not having enough time to keep on top of customer design projects but not being able to afford an in-house designer.
That’s where an independent kitchen design specialist like Newly Designed can step in.
We understand the pressures of working in a small team and how being able to access professional design support as and when you need it is invaluable.
That’s why our kitchen design service is flexible with no risk and no commitment so you can use us as much or as little as you like.

Independent kitchen designer

3. Cost-effective

There are so many financial benefits when you work with an independent kitchen designer – from saving money on the cost of hiring a permanent staff member to winning new clients.
You’ll also save on:

  •  Training staff
  •  CAD licence
  •  Payroll and HR expenses
  •  Holiday pay
  •  National Insurance contributions
  •  Equipment and office space costs


Working remotely with Newly Designed means you’ll have an experienced kitchen designer on hand whenever you need one. Our design expertise, efficient service and stunning CAD drawings are sure to impress your existing customers and attract new ones – so you win new business and make more money.

4. Bespoke

When you hire an independent kitchen designer you’ll get a tailor-made, straightforward service and bespoke high-quality designs.
We design kitchens that are both functional and good-looking to ensure we make the most of your customer’s space.
Although we specialise in kitchen designs, we can dream up plans to revamp a bedroom or
bathroom too.

5. Time-saving

Outsourcing kitchen design work to a freelancer frees up your valuable time to work on other important business tasks and means no more working late to meet a deadline.
Our designers aim to get your designs turned around within three to five working days so your clients can see their dream kitchens more quickly.
All you need to do is provide your project brief by email and leave us to do the rest – freeing up your time and headspace to focus on other areas of your business.

How to hire an independent kitchen designer

We know you’ll love our stunning kitchen visuals as much as we enjoy creating them.
If you’re ready to work with an experienced, flexible and bespoke kitchen design service that saves you time and money, sign up for our free design trial today.

Independent kitchen designer
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