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A day in the life of a kitchen designer

e life of a kitchen designer

Discover how this kitchen-obsessed husband and wife team spend their days!

Here at Newly Designed we are used to busy days full of helping to realise our customer’s dream kitchen design. Find out all about a typical day in our life as kitchen designers in the post below. 

Customer communication and admin

Here at Newly Designed we tend to split our day between three types of tasks – customer communication and associated admin, design time, and review time. Usually, we will start our day with some customer communication time, after all, our customers are the most important part of our business and we like to make sure that they are kept updated as to the progress of their design project!

Also during this time, we grab a cup of coffee and check through our emails. It’s at this point in the day when we see the initial enquiries that have come through our website. Once we have read them we will send out our payment terms and customer questionnaire. The latter being vital to get a detailed sense of what each customer s has in mind for their kitchen vision. 

A day in the life of a kitchen designer
Checking our emails for returned questionnaires is also a crucial task during customer communication time. After all, these are the foundations on which we will craft the design of the customer’s perfect kitchen, and we need to know their kitchen measurements and any guidance on preferred manufacturers or finishes to get the job done right. We also check in with the bank to see which of the customers have paid their design package fee, as we require this before we can begin the process. 

Design time

One customer communication time is over, it’s time to get down to the design work that we do. Usually, we begin this time block by throwing some ideas around for any new designs that have come in. This can include creating a mood board with words, images, and swatches related to the customer’s design. It can also involve searching online for inspiration or going through one of our many design catalogues to check whether a special material or finish will be suitable for the design we have in mind. 


Once the mood boarding is done, we can begin to draw up the initial design for the client. To do this we use top-of-the-line design software Articad. Indeed, we like this design software because it’s not only easy to use, but it provides plenty of options that help our clients visualize their dream kitchens such as Panoramic designs, VR, and AR. All of which can help provide them with a much better idea of how things will look, and how the space will be used. 

A day in the life of a kitchen designer

Review time

Once we have finished working on the first draft designs, it’s time to move on to what we call our review time. This is when we make changes to any designs that have come back to us from customers. We are proud to offer a whole 4 weeks in which customers can request design changes. After which we will send them the final design for approval and the project can be signed off. 


Once the reviews are done, another quick check of our emails happens. Then it’s time to walk our gorgeous yellow Labrador Monty, and cook up some well-deserved dinner. Finally, it’s off to bed, where we may, or may not dream of even more kitchen designs! 

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