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The benefits of using Articad kitchen design to bring your customers’ ideas to life

When you are in the business of selling kitchens you get to know the kind of support that customers need to feel comfortable enough to go through with their purchase. However, to achieve this, there are some common issues kitchen retailers can encounter. In particular, customers can struggle to imagine what their kitchen will look like, as well as whether everything they want will fit in the available space. Functionally is another prime concern for customers, as when it comes to kitchens, the result needs to be beautiful, practical, and fit for purpose before the customer will complete their purchase. Of course, that is where good kitchen design comes in and why it’s so crucial! 

The benefits of using Articad kitchen design to bring your customers’ ideas to life

Good kitchen design

Good kitchen design is all about helping to bring your customers’ visions to life while allowing showrooms to create designs perfect for all their customers’ needs and wants. To achieve this many in the industry use the premier kitchen design software on the market – Articad. Indeed, here at Newly Designed, we use Articad for our great value, and simply priced kitchen designs for several important reasons. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Articad creates amazing kitchen designs, fast

Used alone or when integrated with Articads other products, this software allows the fast and effective design of kitchens ( as well as other rooms) and streamlines the entire process from when the customer first enquires, to installation. It’s an end-to-end tool that makes things clearer and easier for all involved. 

Articad designs help showrooms sell more kitchens

Another one of the significant benefits of using Articad design software is that it can help to facilitate more sales conversions. Articad kitchen design enables showrooms to make the entire customer experience as compelling as possible. While at the same time ensuring they collect all the necessary information that is required on design preferences and needs. Thereby making the likelihood of converting a lead into a sale much more likely. 

Indeed, with Articad your customers can choose and see their kitchen designs with their custom visualizer – Room styles. This is something that ensures customers have a much better idea of the finished product. Which in turn makes them more comfortable with their choices, and helps them to move forward with their purchase. 

Articad designs help showrooms sell more kitchens

Articad allows your customers, to see their design like never before

Additionally, the Articad kitchen design software goes beyond merely allowing customers to see their designs, and enables them to truly experience them as well. This is possible through their presentation software which offers a range of options from panoramic presentations that allow customers to see their entire design in 3D to fully immersive VR experiences. 


A VR kitchen experience allows customers to have a first-person, realistic experience of the kitchen as if they were already there. Indeed, there is no better way to show your customer what they can expect from their new kitchen design than to transport them there via VR, aside from actually building it for them, that is! 


As well as VR experiences Articad also offers AR functionality, which can be just as valuable for the customer decision-making process. AR is different from VR because it augments the reality that is already there, rather than creating a new one. What this means is customers can see how different items will look in a kitchen space that already exists. Something that makes it particularly useful for those looking to add or change specific features rather than redesign the entire space. 

Articad allows your customers, to see their design like never before

Articad makes the process of selling kitchens easier for everyone involved

Finally, Articad kitchen design software is a leader in the field because it makes the process, from start to finish, easier for everyone involved, from the customer to the showroom. Indeed, Articad allows you to not only show your customers what their new design will look like, but also create quotes, reports, and even invoices based on your designs. 


You can even add custom prices unique to your business, which can save you a great deal of time when preparing and executing designs. Thereby ensuring that you not only provide the best experience to your customer, but you streamline and simplify your process, and improve productivity in your showroom as well. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, if your showroom is looking for an effective tool that will allow you to bring kitchen designs to life for your clients, Articad provides a wealth of significant benefits. 


Indeed, that is why our dedicated team here at Newly Designed used Articad to create our great value, kitchen design packages. After all, we know as designers that it’s the most effective tool on the market, both for our customers and yours. 

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